You may now donate online to the 2014 MK YAS Competition.
Thank you to all of our sponsors - we couldn't do it without you!

Grassroots To Champions (G2C) is proud to design and host this major skating event. This event is designed to provide opportunity and education for emerging young choreographers, ages 16 to 35, to challenge them to create new work with the emphasis on artistry, and to provide deep, ongoing mentorship from acclaimed choreographers. The Young Artists Showcase (YAS) offers the opportunity for choreographers to participate in an online contest which will be a series of challenges as designed by top choreographers to help the young choreographers develop their craft.
Deadline for applications: July 15, 2014. No late entries will be accepted.
MK YAS 2014 Announcement and Rules
MK YAS 2014 Application

The Basics:
1. Send in your application and payment.
2. Edit and upload your video to your own YouTube site, and email the link to Audrey Weisiger.

Proud Sponsors of the 2014 YAS Competition:
This event is sponsored by MK and Wilson Blades.
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