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Champion Cords are a figure skating training aid to help teach skaters proper body alignment and position.


G2C Executive Director & Champion Cord designer Sheila Thelen and an adult student

Champion Cords can help improve your single, double, and triple jumps; plus your spirals, camels and layback spins; and your Moves In The Field.

Designed by PSA Master-rated Coach & G2C Executive Director Sheila Thelen, Champion Cords help skaters achieve muscle memory for proper technique, position, and awareness.

This patented system helps skaters of all levels see results!

Champion Cord with S-Hook


About 2 inches across, this hook is easy to attach onto your skate lace. You can use it holding the handle with the same or the opposite hand & foot.

(1 per package)


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Champion Cord [Replacement Only]

Did your blade cut your cord? No problem, you can reorder just the cord section! Or, maybe you just want to have an extra on hand for later.

(1 per package)


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“Proper Usage Of Champion Cords” DVD


A great teaching tool for skaters & coaches, this DVD shows how to attach Champion Cords to your skate using young and National-level skaters, plus safe use for single, double, and triple jumps; spins; spirals; split jumps; and Moves In the Field.


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Special G2C Champion Cords Package

G2C Recommends TWO Champion Cords (1 for each side of the body) and the Proper Usage DVD to get started! You’ll need 2 cords for some exercises, and this packages saves you from having to come back to buy more.

(2 Champion Cords & DVD)


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