Grassroots to Champions

Technique. Technology. Training.

Our World-Class Faculty

Our seminar and Super Camp instructors are all Olympic-, World-, and National-level coaches and experts with decades of experience and training.

Grassroots to Champions Faculty

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Olympic/World Level Coaches

Audrey Weisiger
2x Olympic Coach
World Level Choreographer
G2C Founder & President

Pasquale Camerlengo
World Level Choreographer
Ice Dancing Specialist

Kori Ade
World Level Coach
National & World Choreographer
Skeletal Biology & Biomechanics Specialist
AFFA-Certified Off-Ice Trainer

Nick Perna
PSA Master Rated Coach
Pro-Motion Harness Expert
“The Fishing Pole Guy”

Michelle Leigh
3x Olympic Coach
14x World Coach
Dartfish Expert

John Zimmerman
World Pairs Coach

National & International Level Coaches

Sheila Thelen
G2C Executive Director
PSA Master Rated Coach
Founder of Champion Cords
Dartfish Expert

Chris Conte
PSA Rated Coach
Dartfish Expert
Pro-Motion Jumping Pole Expert

Trevor Laak
Pole Harness Expert
President & Founder of
Master’s Degree in Digital Signal Processing
Holder of 6 Patents

Ben Agosto
National Coach & Choreographer
Olympic Medalist in Ice Dance

Kate McSwain
PSA Rated, AIT-Certified Choreographer
Two-Time Finalist in YAS Competition
Pilates Mat Certified

Doug Webster
National & International Show Choreographer

Doug Mattis
PSA Master Rated Choreographer

Darin Hosier
PSA Master Rated Coach
Dartfish Expert
Pro-Motion Jumping Pole Expert

Shantell Autry
PSA Rated Technical Coach

Adam Blake
2011 Winner of MKYAS Competition

Tommy Steenberg
2010 Winner of MKYAS Competition

Special Request Guest Coaches

Tom Zakrajsek
2009 PSA Coach of the Year
PSA Master Rated Coach
Olympic & World Level Coach

Ryan Bradley
2011 Men’s National Champion
3x Collegiate Champion

Jeremy Barrett
2010 National Pairs Champion
Olympic Pairs Competitor

Specialty Coaches

Caroline Silby, PhD
Doctorate & Master’s Degree in Sports Psychology

Kat Arbour, PhD, MS, MPT, CSCS, NASM-PES
Physical Therapist
Exercise Physiologist
Certified Personal Trainer
2006 Winner of USOC “Doc” Councilman Award
Doctorate in Biomechanics & Movement Science

Kristina Anderson
NCSA-Certified Coach
Certified Personal Trainer

Laura Ann Harvey
Off-Ice Harness Specialist

Lucy Galleher
Master’s Degree in Sport & Performance Psychology
Sport & Performance Coach




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