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Olympic/World Level Skating Coaches

Audrey K. Weisiger -Founder and President of G2C

Audrey WeisigerA two-time U.S. Olympic Team coach, Audrey was given the highest award in the industry when she was named PSA and USFSA Coach of the Year in 1999. She has her PSA World Coach Ranking and is Master Rated in Figures and Freestyle.

Audrey specializes in elite training for singles competitors and choreography.  She is currently mentor to a number of developing elite coaches.

Audrey was the keynote speaker for the 2000 & 2003 PSA Conferences and the 2005 & 2006 Canadian Coaches Conferences. She has served on the Board of Directors for the PSA and for various USFSA committees, as well as the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). As a member of USOC’s “Developing Young Champions” subcommittee, she has organized and directed numerous G2C seminars.

Audrey’s former students include three-time U.S. Men’s Champion and two-time Olympic Team member Michael Weiss; 2002 Olympic Bronze Medalist Timothy Goebel; National Novice and Intermediate Ladies Champion Lisa Kwon; and Worlds competitor Christine Lee. She is currently coaching Senior Men’s competitor and three-time Junior Grand Prix Gold Medalist Tommy Steenberg and North American Challenge competitor Anthony Dang.

Audrey has coached at the Fairfax Ice Arena in Virginia since 1973. Prior to that, she was a USFSA Gold Medalist in Figures and Freestyle and a U.S. National Bronze Medalist at the Novice and Junior levels.

Pasquale Camerlengo

camerlengoPasquale Camerlengo is a choreographer for World and Olympic level skaters and has been a World and Olympic competitor himself.

He coached teams at the 2010 Olympics, World Championships, and Grand Prix Final. He has choreographed for singles competitors including Jeremy Abbott, Max Aaron, Alissa Czisny, Akiko Suzuki, and Daisuke Takahash.

Currently he coaches and choreographs for Canadian Olympic ice dancers Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Poje as well as international ice dance team Madison Hubbell & Zachary Donohue.

He was named Choreographer of the Year by the PSA in 2012 and was also selected as Russia’s Choreographer of the Year in 2010—a great honor, since Pasquale is Italian!

Nick Perna


Nick Perna is a PSA Master Rated coach and jumping pole expert. A former pairs skater, Nick has carved out a niche in the sport with his unique training device, earning him the moniker, “The Fishing Pole Guy.”

Two-time National Champion Michael Weiss and Olympic Champion Sarah Hughes are among the many users of his harness.

“I used to grab the backs of kids’ sweatshirts and pull it over their heads when they’d do their axels—holding them by the scruff of their necks, so to speak,” says Nick. “But with that, they couldn’t really skate into jumps.”

Then, he stumbled on an ad in a skating magazine for the Pro Motion Hand-Held Harness, invented by a Canadian named Jan Glerup. “I was his first customer,” Nick says. “It fit exactly what I was trying to do.”

Nick coached Christine Lee at the World Championships in 2001.


Chris Conte

Chris Conte

Chris Conte is a PSA-rated coach and choreographer based in Fairfax, VA.  He has been a jump consultant to multiple World and Olympic coaches and skaters from the US, Japan, Korea, Russia, Canada and Mexico.  He has also created programs for skaters from around the world.  An expert in Dartfish, he uses this cutting-edge technology to help skaters speed the learning process and troubleshoot jumps. Chris has given technology presentations at the PSA World Conference.

Chris choreographs for national and international level skaters in both singles and pairs, and has worked with elite skaters including Timothy Goebel, Sasha Cohen, and Emily Hughes.

He was a principal skater with Ice Capades and Disney on Ice, and also has performed with professional ensemble companies including The Next Ice Age and Ice Theatre of New York. He is also a Certified Instructor of Therapeutic Pilates.

Chris was recently named the Skating Program Director at Ice World in Abingdon, MD.

Douglas Webster


Doug Webster is the Artistic Director of Ice Dance International; has worked as a choreographer with Stars On Ice, Disney On Ice, Holiday On Ice, and the Ice Theatre of New York, where he also served as Artistic Director.

He has coached at the National and World professional level and choreographed for individuals such as World Champion Lu Chen, World Pro Champs Elena Leonova and Andrei Khvalko, and the amazing Lucinda Ruh.

He has performed alongside Olympic Champions Scott Hamilton, John Curry, Dorothy Hamill, Oksana Baiul, Brian Boitano, Sarah Hughes, Katerina Witt, Torvill & Dean, and many others.

Other highlights include choreographing for the Sun Valley Summer Skating Show, the 9/11 benefit Stars, Stripes, & Skates at Madison Square Gardens, and the A&E television special Winter Solstice On Ice.

He holds a B.A. from William & Mary.

See the source image         Charyl Brusch. Charyl Brusch has been coaching for over 30 years in Northern California. Charyl is one of the most respected spin specialists on the West Coast of the United States. She has been specializing in spins since the late 1990’s.   2018 National Junior ladies champion Alysa Liu and 2018 National Junior mens silver medalist, Dinh Tran are both students of Charyl in spins.

Sheila Thelen

Sheila ThelenSheila Thelen holds a PSA Master Rating. She is also the designer, owner, and president of PSA-endorsed Champion Cords for teaching skaters alignment, position, muscle memory, awareness, and technique. She is also president of Champion Skating Harness, an off-ice training harness that allows figure skaters to learn to rotate without falling or injury.

Sheila has presented at the PSA, CFSA, and ISI conferences and served as the on-ice Dartfish Specialist at several PSA conferences. She also has an ongoing article section in PSA Magazine and is a presenter for

After serving over 12 years as skating director of a large skating school, Sheila now consults with other skating directors and managers on improving the marketability and design of other skating schools. She currently coaches at Parade Ice Gardens and around the Twin Cities in Minnesota. Sheila holds two B.A.s from Hamline University.

Tommy Steenberg


Tommy trained under the tutelage of Audrey Weisiger for over 10 years and has been a coach at Fairfax Ice Arena for the past 5 years. He specializes in jump technique and choreography, and recently graduated from George Mason University.

Some of the choreographers he has worked with include Pasquale Camerlengo, Chris Conte, 2008 World Champion Jeffrey Buttle, Kirov Ballet Master Vladimir Djouloukhadze, and Dance Company Instructor Debbie Street.

Tommy has medalled at Nationals in the Intermediate, Novice, and Junior levels, and placed in the top 10 in Senior at Nationals in 2008 and 2009. He was a member of the Junior World Team in 2008 and is a three-time Junior Grand Prix Gold Medalist.

He was also the 2006 recipient of the “Champion in Life Award” alongside Emily Hughes, and a member of the 2006 State Farm/USFSA Scholastic Honors Team for balancing success in school and skating.

Tommy was our 2010 Champion in the Young Artists Showcase Masters Division.

Trevor Laak


Trevor Laak coaches in Madison, WI, and specializes in on-ice jump technique. He works almost exclusively as a consultant by providing pole harness, video analysis, and regular lesson services to coaches and their skaters.

He is also the President and owner of, an online community for coaches to share ideas and research.

Trevor has a graduate research degree from the University of Wisconsin in Madison. His research focuses on quantifying minimum athletic requirements for figure skaters.

He holds 6 patents and he has provided technical consulting for several Fortune 500 companies.

Kate McSwain

kate-mcswainKate McSwain holds a Theatre degree from the University of Colorado and has extensive training in multiple styles of dance as well as a certification in Pilates.

She has choreographed pieces for Ice Theatre of New York, American Ice Theatre (AIT), and the National Theatre on Ice (TOI) Champion team, Act 1. She served as the assistant director for the 2016 Worlds Figure Skating Championships opening ceremonies and is director of AIT Boston.

In 2012, Kate received an AIT certification in choreography from Jodi Porter’s Master Choreography Techniques class, and was a two-time finalist in our Young Artists Showcase choreography competition.

She has had the opportunity to work with elite skaters such as Jeremy Abbott, Rachael Flatt, Adam Rippon, John Coughlin & Caydee Denney, and Lynn Kriengkrairut & Logan Guilietti-Schmitt.

Kate travels around the country to direct her Sk8tivity artistic seminars, choreograph for competitive skaters and shows both on and off the ice, consult

Kalle Strid

kalle-head-shot.jpgKalle Strid has head coached skaters at 4 World Championships and 5 European Championships as well as Junior Worlds and the Junior Grand Prix. He has been skating director for Denmark’s largest skating club, Skating Club of Copenhagen.  Strid is also a world level choreographer and has choreographed for several skaters at World Championships, Junior World championships and junior grand prix.

Kalle has Swedish Figure Skating Associations highest level coaching education (level 4) as well as having studied Sport management at the University of Gothenburg.


Doug Mattis


As a competitor, Doug Mattis won the National Junior Men’s Championship and was a five-time member of the U.S. International Team, and a Olympic Festival Bronze Medalist.

As a professional, he was the U.S. Open Challenge Cup Champion, the U.S. Open Championship Silver Medalist, the American Open Champion, and appeared in skating shows and TV specials for over a decade.

He is PSA Master Rated in Choreography. In addition, Doug now works as a professional writer for entertainment productions as well. He has written material for Universal Studios and Disney.

He holds Masters and Bachelors degrees in Business Administration and lives in Las Vegas.


Adam Blake


Adam Blake’s style of skating and choreography has been described as passionate, hard-hitting, and impactful. His proficient knowledge of trick skating maneuvers like cantilevers, boot slides, and backflips gives him a unique spin on traditional figure skating.

Adam first started choreographing group productions at age 16. He then began to expand his knowledge of movement, learning all types of dance: hip hop, tap, street jazz, popping, locking, tutting, modern, contemporary, and swing.

He toured as a semi-principal skater with High School Musical: The Ice Tour, working under Emmy award-winning producer Kenny Ortega, and Emmy award-winning choreographer Charles “Chucky” Klapow.

As a touring principal skater and assistant line captain with Disney on Ice, Adam has traveled the world and has had the opportunity to dance in New York City, Manchester, Vancouver, Panama City, and Los Angeles.

In 2011, Adam was the winner of our second Young Artists Showcase choreography competition. Adam is currently serving on the board of directors for Proskaters and the Proskaters Historical Foundation.  Adam recently choreographed the closing number for the Smuckers spectacular at the US National Championships and the Opening ceremonies at the 2016 World Chmapionships held in Boston.

Special Request Guest Coaches

Tom Zakrajsek

Kori Ade

Ryan Bradley

Jeremy Barrett

Specialty Coaches

Dr. Caroline Silby


Caroline Silby, Ph.D., M.Ed, received her Doctorate and Master’s degrees in Sports Psychology from the University of Virginia. Her specialty is performance enhancement with adolescent athletes and she’s worked with Olympic champions in gymnastics and figure skating.

An elite athlete herself, Dr. Silby was once a member of the National Figure Skating Team. She later served on the U.S. Figure Skating Association Board of Directors and Athlete Advisory Council. Dr. Silby was appointed to the U.S. Olympic Committee Athlete Advisory Council, Collegiate Sports Council, and Finance Committee.

Currently, she serves on the Advisory Council for the Women’s Sports Foundation and as a faculty member of both the USA Gymnastics and the U.S. Figure Skating Association training camps.

Dr. Silby’s first book, Games Girls Play, is published by St. Martin’s Press. She resides in Washington, D.C. and has an active national practice.

Kat Arbor


Kat Arbour, MS, MPT, CSCS, NASM-PES is a licensed physical therapist, exercise physiologist, certified personal trainer, and owner/operator of Ice Dynamics. Kat won the 2006 “Doc” Councilman Award for innovative sports science, awarded by the U.S. Olympic Committee. She authored the Ice Dynamics training manual, Strength Conditioning and Injury Prevention Guide.

Arbour works one-on-one with many nationally and internationally ranked top level competitors specifically doing off-ice conditioning at the University of Delaware Training Center. She is available for group seminars or private fitness assessments for individualized training programs. Arbour passed senior tests in Figures, Freestyle and Dance and holds PSA Senior Ratings in Moves in the Field and Freestyle.

She is a current member of the USFSA Sports Medicine Committee and works with the Team USA Training Camps. She contributes frequently to SKATING Magazine’s Fitness column.

Arbour holds her Ph.D. in Biomechanics & Movement Science at the University of Delaware.

Kristina Anderson


Kristina Anderson is a NCSA-certified coach and a personal trainer certified by the American Council on Exercise. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Kinesiology with an emphasis on Exercise Science and minors in Coaching and General Management from the University of Minnesota.

Kristina is the head coach for the University of Minnesota’s Gopher Hockey Cheerleaders—high level figure skaters performing at Division 1 Hockey Games with 15,000+ spectators.

In addition, she has served as an off-ice trainer at G2C Super Camp for many years. She works with all ages of skaters, from beginners to international competitors.