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G2C Shop: Ankle Buzzers

Picture of ankle buzzerAnkle Buzzers are currently on back order.  Please check back in April.

Perfect your air position and land your jumps more consistently!

The Grassroots to Champions Ankle Buzzer is a Velcro sleeve that goes over your skate and has a pressure-sensitive squeaker inside which makes an audible squeak sound whenever you make ankle contact in jumps.

Use the G2C Ankle Buzzer during drills to attain proper foot placement and reinforce correct alignment by instilling muscle memory. Its instant feedback speeds up the learning process and helps you jump better over time. You’ll receive:

  • Velcro sleeve for customizable fit
  • 2 squeakers with Velcro, SOUND BOXES ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE due to design changes by manufacturer.
  • Instructions for use

It can be worn on either foot. See testimonials on the G2C Ankle Buzzer. Please note only squeakers are available.

$60 *G2C Ankle Buzzers are currently unavailable, check back in April.  Supplies are limited

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“All of my athletes use the Grassroots to Champions Ankle Buzzer to remind them how important it is for them to get their feet together in the air. It is a fun way for them to practice the basics of jumping. They all enjoy using it—even my highest level elite athletes!”

Tom Zakrajsek, 2009 PSA Coach of the Year, Olympic & Worlds Coach

Ankle Buzzer Pocket with Extra Squeaker Sounds [Replacement Only]

G2C Ankle Buzzer

  • Extra pocket
  • 2 replacement squeakers as well


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