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What real coaches, skaters & parents say about G2C:

Coach Tom Zakrajsek

Coach Tom Zakrajsek

“All of my athletes use the Grassroots to Champions ankle buzzer to remind them how important it is for them to get their feet together in the air. It is a fun way for them to practice the basics of jumping. They all enjoy using it — even my highest level elite athletes!”

—Tom Zakrajsek, 2010 Olympic Coach, 2009 PSA Coach of the Year, 2009 Worlds Coach, 2009 Junior Worlds Coach

“Thank you — your seminars were wonderful. I have been going to these conferences for the last 5 years, and usually you hear the main speaker talk about their techniques and you stand there thinking, ‘My technique is the same — I’m doing pretty good.’ However…I have been trying most of your techniques with my students and it works!! Thank you for spending the time to come up with a technique that has evolved just as the sport has.”

—Lisa Mizonick-Knoerl, Coach at Mountain View Ice Arena, Vancouver, Canada


My daughter’s coach highly endorsed G2C so our family drove 6 hours to attend G2C Elite Seminar and we would do it all over again!  It opened our daughter’s horizons to her skating options and the direction she’d like to take it. The seminar benefited her technically and mentally,  She came away with a  fire in her belly to reach her goals and to practice more efficiently

Joe Millington


Darin Hosier

Darin Hosier

“Thank you Audrey and Nick for providing a seminar that lays out a systematic jump technique formula. By diligently following the ground work provided in your May 2003 Grassroots to Champion Seminar, one of my students achieved the five pack triple set (and her double axel) in less than two years. The combination of ‘h’ and ‘d’ exercises, off-ice harness work, on-ice pole work, and Dartfish software helped me become a more technically proficient coach.”

—Darin Hosier, Former Competitive Student and Current Coaching Student of Audrey Weisiger

chrissy hughes

Chrissy Hughes

“I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in a Grassroots to Champions seminar. The knowledge I gained from Audrey and Nick have changed the way I train. I was introduced to several new tools including the Pole harness and the “h” and “d” exercises, which have proven to be conducive to my success in becoming a National level skater.”

—Chrissy Hughes, 2006 Novice National Competitor

“Audrey, your G2C technique was so easy to grasp and the most comprehensive ‘Grassroots to Champions’ road to success I have ever seen. It truly is Grassroots to Champions! Nick was and is amazing.”

—Kris Amerine, Skating Director, Skatetown Roseville & PSA Master-Rated Coach

Leah Keiser

Leah Keiser

“Thank you Audrey for helping Leah with her skating and off-ice conditioning. It helped her greatly!”

—Betty Keiser, mother of Juvenile Ladies Champion Leah Keiser