Grassroots to Champions

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G2C Seminars

Our seminars teach figure skaters and their coaches how to develop, from the first steps onto the ice into championship-caliber competitors.

G2C’s world-class faculty combine on- and off-ice exercises with group discussion and a focus on technique to help skaters become true champions with “the total package.”

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The main topics covered in a Grassroots to Champions seminar:

  • jumps, from singles and doubles to triples and quads
  • off-ice jumping for correct air positions
  • off-ice harness for rotation
  • off-ice spinner *special request
  • correct take-off prints and landings
  • correct walk throughs of jumps off ice
  • alignment of body position
  • proper equipment fitting
  • how to prepare for competition
  • conditioning the body for skating at the elite level
  • how to create “the total package”
  • becoming “a skater in full bloom”
  • how to use the jumping pole (Nick Perna, by request)
  • how Dartfish can speed the learning process (Chris Conte, by request)
  • “performance power” (Dr. Caroline Silby, by request)
  • on-ice and off-ice air position correction
  • identifying talent in your group lesson programs

Interested in Booking a G2C Seminar at Your Rink?

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  6. After the seminar, stay in touch with G2C through the Ongoing Coaches Mentoring Service.