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How to Put on a Successful G2C Seminar

Planning Timeline for a Great Seminar at Your Rink


Step 1: Setting It Up (2+ Months in Advance)

1. CHECK RINK SCHEDULE. Before contacting G2C, check with your rink for dates and availability of ice and off-ice room. You must have at least 4 hours of ice time and 3 hours of off-ice.
2. CHECK G2C SCHEDULE. Check our upcoming seminar dates and locations on the Availability Calendar. Then Contact Sheila to confirm availability and discuss special requests. G2C will tailor a Seminar Fees Package to fit your needs.
3. CONFIRM DATE. Confirm your date with G2C and send deposit to reserve your space.
4. HOTEL BOOKING. Book hotel for coaches (verify number of rooms needed with G2C).

Step 2: Prepare for Success (8+ Weeks Ahead)

1. DELEGATE RESPONSIBILITIES. Decide who will do what so that no important tasks are left out, in order to ensure success.
2. SOLICIT INTEREST. Distribute information to skaters in your area and send emails to local coaches with information. Set a deadline for sign ups to avoid a lot of last minute registrations, or offer an incentive for early bird sign ups. To avoid no shows, you might want to make the registration fee due at sign up and make it non refundable.
3. REGISTRATIONS. Confirm each registration as it is received. It is recommended that one person handles all registrations.
4. SPONSORSHIP. Contact local merchants for possible sponsorship for the seminar. In return for sponsorship, offer them advertising space in the program flyer.
5. PROGRAM FLYER. We recommend creating a program flyer, outlining the program, along with possible advertisements by local merchants, the rink’s pro shop, services offered by the rink, vendors at the event if any, etc.
6. VOLUNTEERS. Enlist volunteers to assist the day of the seminar with registration and distribution of materials and meals, snacks, etc.

Step 3: Getting Ready for Seminar (2 Weeks Ahead)

1. COORDINATING WITH G2C. Approximately 2 weeks before seminar date, contact G2C with registration numbers. This will allow G2C to adjust the agenda and provide adequate supplies for the seminar as needed. You may need a TV, VCR/DVD, and screen or projector. Some larger groups may need a portable mic. See Sample/Typical Seminar Schedules for an idea of what to expect.
2. LIST AND NAMES TAGS. As you get closer to the seminar day, compile participant list of skaters, coaches and parents. Name tags are helpful for the skaters.
3. TRANSPORTATION. Arrange for transportation from/to airport, hotel and rink for G2C Seminar Faculty Members.

Step 4: Day of Seminar

1. FINAL PREP. Assemble supplies, goodie bags, check with rink to confirm ice cuts and room availability. Have tables set up for registration 45 minutes before start. Be prepared for last minute sign-ups, late arrivals, and no shows.
2. FAREWELL. After seminar, assign transportation for G2C Seminar Faculty Members if needed.
3. FEEDBACK. Contact G2C to let us know of any comments you may have regarding the seminar, and email the participant list to G2C if it has changed.