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Grassroots to Champions offers customized seminars for figure skaters and coaches at ice rinks around the country; Super Camp, an intensive week of on- and off-ice training each summer; G2C … Continue reading


Winner, Star, Hero, or Champion

Which one are you? A winner is the one who outdid all others, was better than all their competitors, and is acknowledged for their performance on that day. A star … Continue reading


Link to register for drop in days for G2C Virtual Camp

November 8, 2020

Link to register for full G2C Virtual Camp

October 31, 2020

Examples of how to video for G2C Diagnostics

Bad sample-too far away! Good example shot profile Good example shot on jump axis

October 31, 2020

Sample Diagnostic service for the G2C Virtual Camp

October 31, 2020

Sample of the G2C Diagnostic service for Wintercamp

October 31, 2020

More Wintercamp information-Look at the staff!!

October 28, 2020

Registration opens Nov 1

October 28, 2020

G2C Wintercamp

contact Audrey Weisiger at for information. A new concept in virtual training Staff- Frank Carroll, Audrey Weisiger, Tommy Steenberg, Jason Brown, Caroline Silby, Ram Sharif, Chris Conte, Zach Donohue, … Continue reading

October 27, 2020

Tentative dates for G2C. June 6-9 Pittsburgh

Heads up to coaches and skaters.  Possible G2C

February 23, 2020

G2C Columbus February 14/15/16.

Tentatively staffed with Tom Zakrajsek, Jeremy Allen, Audrey Weisiger and Tommy Steenberg. Sign up here

December 28, 2019