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Winner, Star, Hero, or Champion

Which one are you?

Audrey Weisiger

“My goal is to make champions” –Audrey K. Weisiger

  • A winner is the one who outdid all others, was better than all their competitors, and is acknowledged for their performance on that day.
  • A star has irresistible charisma, regardless of the actual substance of their performance, and can be the center of attention, with or without a competent performance.
  • A hero is respected for their unfailing effort, for never wavering whether successful or not, for continuing to strive to do their best regardless of result, and is respected because of their belief in the cause.
  • A champion is a combination of all of the above, one who has demonstrated the ability to win, to have overwhelming appeal, to persevere and persist in all situations and demonstrates all of these qualities over a period of time that allows us to become followers and believers in that person and what they represent.

A champion has longevity and gives hope and inspiration to others.

My goal is to make champions.
-Audrey K. Weisiger


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