Grassroots to Champions

Technique. Technology. Training.

G2C Services

Grassroots to Champions offers

  • customized seminars for figure skaters and coaches at ice rinks around the country;
  • Super Camp, an intensive week of on- and off-ice training each summer;
  • G2C Elite seminars, designed to support head coaches who are developing skaters from the grassroots stages to elite levels;
  • choreography competitions to promote creativity in the sport and provide opportunity and education to emerging young choreographers of all ages; and
  • an ongoing coaches mentoring service, enabling coaches who have already participated in a G2C seminar to get feedback on a skater from G2C faculty feedback via Internet video.

All our services are facilitated by our world-class faculty and leverage the power of cutting-edge technology for training.

Tom Zakrajsek teaching G2C Super CampWe also offer products for sale in our G2C Training Store to help skaters improve technique, alignment, position, and  muscle memory.



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